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Sea, beach, dunes, wind, tide, sand and waves

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🌀 Les yeux sont aveugles. Il faut chercher avec le Coeur 🌀

Intuitive Bamboo Installation, Lemniscate Infinity ‘eyes’ Le petit Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Interview Biënnale Noordwijk

Biënnale Noordwijk is from March 21th until august 21th 2023

What‘s going on🌀

Optical continuous circles cut off in the middle, what happens?

🌀Beyond Space & Time🌀

Intuitive bamboo creation


Intuitive playing in shallow water just after sunset.

🌀Sunset 2022🌀

The late sunset gives so much contrast and shadow, wonderful flowing energy.

🌀Resilient light🌀

Bamboo creation, reflections all over the place


20 m. Intersection, raked in the sand between the sea and the inner lake

🌀Serene atmosphere 🌀

14 m. Intersection, installation combination, plowed and completed with bamboo

🌀Multidimensional sculpture🌀

Bamboo en cloud reflections just before the sunset